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Digital Art
Limited Edition Print by Museifu 625
Rental price: USD 10.00 / month
Full price: USD 1,000.00
From an edition of 15
Print on Fine Art Paper
Size 60 x 80 cm
  • Frame thickness 4cm (Adding 8 cm to overall W X H)

Only 15 Print Editions left.

Coming Soon!

Currently shipping only to Singapore
For other countries, please email

Artwork description

Entering the ABYSS


Museifu 625

My work involves my personal perception and approach to the contemporary culture across the world. Having a deep background in commercial art, design and multimedia; my skills developed from this field and the medium I work with helped express my art profoundly.

My work are mostly composed of digital collage, photography, 3D/2D digital materials and sometimes traditional paint materials to mix with.

Most of the artworks produced are in digital prints and mixed media, usually in different specific themes or art series expressed in diverse manners. Art photographs can be requested for custom sizes and frames.


Open for commission work in a wide range of mediums including digital art, photography, cinema to commercialized advertising.

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