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ArtWallStreet is a global exchange for art enabling anyone to invest in and rent art. We're on a mission to support artists and make art more accessible for everyone. ArtWallStreet believes that the experience of art should be as delightful as art itself. That's why we are dedicated to breaking the physical and perceptive barriers between art and people.

ArtWallStreet is backed by Antler, a global VC and startup generator. We are actively curating artists from Southeast Asia and growing a network of spaces that we’re turning into everyday galleries.

Frequently Asked Questions

ArtWallStreet is an art rental platform that offers international art on a subscription basis.
No, as we only work with limited print editions of the original art pieces.
If the artwork is damaged you will be requested to either buy the artwork at market price, or pay $60 damage fee upon returning the artwork.
You can select any duration starting from 3 months and above.
We have print editions of oil/watercolour/acrylic/mixed media paintings, pencil and ink artwork, photography and digital art.
You can purchase any artwork, at any point, at its full market price! (We might give you a discount if you've already been renting it for some time.)
Each delivery trip costs USD 25.00
ArtWallStreet is a platform that connects artists to everyday spaces that want to rent your art!
We believe that art should be discovered, experienced and bought at our daily meeting points. And artists should be celebrated and given a space to share their creations with the world.
We currenly exhibit only print editions of artist’s work. We do not accept original artwork at the moment.
Artists will be responsible for paying all the associated costs of printing and delivering the display editions via our online platform. Once we received the payment, we will send your artwork for printing, framing and delivery. However, there is no upfront cost until a venue requested for your artwork.
Buyers will be directed to ArtWallStreet e-commerce to purchase a print copy of your art. You will receive the purchase and rental orders in your dashboard.

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