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Patricia Zulueta

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Patricia Zulueta


Patricia Zulueta is a recent graduate of Art Education from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco.   She has started her artistic practice at a young age, through private mentors, and has continued on her own with Oil and Watercolor medium. As an artist, she is influenced to capture the tranquility of the natural environment through pointillism and expressionism style of painting. During 2020, she has donated a handful of her watercolor pieces to fundraising initiatives such as Half-Cut 2020, and Center for Sustainability to support environmentalists in their conservation efforts. Through her practice as a Teaching Artist, she aims to hone children’s learning development through the benefits of engaging with visual art. Recently, she has focused her efforts on developing her art program called Art Spark; an online program that helps young children learn more about the Philippines Cultural Environment through engaging with visual art. As an artist, she challenges herself to absorb the natural environment around her and influence viewers to slow down and reflect with the natural world. 

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Watercolour Painting
An Ode To You
30 x 40 cm
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