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The Team

Meet the motley crew that’s building ArtWallStreet.

Arun Sugumaran


Aleksandar Abu Samra

Positive space ADVOCATE

Ellis Liu

General Manager
Artist and dreamer

Our Beliefs

Support artists in tangible ways
We know that being a creator of art is a lifelong pursuit. Artists have no office hours, no ‘best practices’ and templated paths to a ‘promotion’. Their talent may not be recognised on day one or even for years. Artists do not become ‘artists’ overnight.

What is canonised as art is often dictated by a small clientele of established legacy art galleries. Those whose work do not meet this canonisation parameters will lack avenue to exhibit and share their art work. We think these parameters are too narrow and not inclusive enough.

ArtWallStreet gives artists of all skillsets and experiences a platform to share their art, build their careers and businesses in a scalable and sustainable way.

Art as part of our everyday life
Art has an important place in our everyday lives. It reduces stress, uplifts moods, inspires minds and transforms the space it occupies.

Unfortunately, art is sometimes seen as a rare pleasure reserved for the few who are perceived as being ‘more educated’ in the discipline. Art galleries and museums can thus appear cold and un-relatable to those who have little experience and exposure to works of art.

We formed ArtWallStreet because we want to break down these walls between people and art.

Our Partners